In a time when environmental issues are considered paramount, when our clean, green, 100% brand is being promoted internationally - New Zealanders remain oblivious to a practice that takes place under their noses; a practice that contradicts the very image we proudly promote.

In the face of common sense, we continue to allow bureaucrats to jeopardise the healthy future of our wildlife and people.

“Poisoning Paradise - Ecocide New Zealand” takes you into the drop-zone of aerial 1080 operations, beneath the canopy, where the birds and animals die. For the first time, supported by scientific evidence and indisputable footage, this film fully exposes the truth about a culture that is believed will eventually see New Zealand's image tarnished, and an international embarrassment.

The truth about aerial-dropped 1080-poisoned food
New research damns aerial 1080
1080 Poison: Science and Facts
Trapping better than 1080 drops says Maori Party
Council supports 1080 ban in Westland
A Scientific Appraisal
Taupo Council Calls for 1080 Aerial Ban
Kaikoura Mayor Wants 1080 Ban
1080 Use Threatened by Organised Opposition
Kiwi Party Hails Taupo 1080 Decision
What can you do to help?
What is The Alternative?

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