How to Fix a Washing Machine Power & Draining Problem

There’s no great time for your clothes washer to act up, but following through sooner vs. later can help have a small problem from creating into something much better. I’ve compiled the two most common washer problems to assist you diagnose and plan the next move of resolving your circumstances. Hopefully, you’ll be able to repair washing machine by own with this guide.

#1 – Washer Won’t Turn On

If your washing machine isn’t going to react whenever you switch it on there could possibly be a simple fix. There is a quantity of solutions that range from significant to simple, however the best spot to start out is with the power supply itself.


An important thing to check is if your washing machine is getting power. By using a multimeter look into the outlet voltage. If there is not energy flowing into your washer you will have to look at your household electrical panel to find out if any circuit breakers could have been triggered.

If there wasn’t a tripped breaker and your outlet isn’t “hot” then the problem could possibly be with the outlet itself. Change the breaker off and make contact with a qualified electrician to switch the outlet and troubleshoot the cause.


If the washer’s motor overheated the washer will deactivate to permit it to cool before you can start it again. In such a circumstance a couple of times it might not be a problem, but if your motor regularly gets too hot it’s vital to learn what is actually causing this to take place.

Lid Switch Washing machines are built to cease working when the lid is open. The lid switch is a small plastic piece located beneath the lid. To ensure that the switch to power up, the lid has to be closed. Find out if the switch is in good repair and effectively situated.

Timer Knob

Some models have to have the timer knob to line-up exactly with the control panel graphics. If the knob is a bit out of positioning, the washer won’t operate. To test this, simply progress the timer and attempt to reactivate the washer again.

#2 – Not Draining Properly

Drainage problems may range from being as fundamental as a clog in the drain hose to having to substitute a pump. But one thing is definite, if you have an issue with draining you’ll be very conscious . . . the mess on the floor could possibly be your first and only hint!

Drain Hose Sometimes a clogged drain hose is the reason your washer isn’t draining properly. Take away the hose and visually inspect it for clogs. An outdoor hose enables you to flush any stubborn obstructions from the hose.

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